Lil Ninjas Course

Iplayco’s new “Lil Ninjas” courses are a new take on a popular sport that has developed over the past decade. IPLAYCO adds a twist by provided an extreme but “contained” Ninja attraction with custom challenges, timers, high scores, social media and team building opportunities to the traditional FEC venue. By containing the challenges within our play structure. Custom monitors with video of the racers as well as “scoring displays” allow for team challenges, individual races, daily/weekly/monthly high score totals, prizes etc.

Giant angled climbs, obstacles, slides, pools of balls, and other challenges create a unique experience that is different every time as guests strive to compete individually and/or in team challenges vs other teams or friends.

Lil Ninjas Course Iplayco Interactive Playground


Galaxy Ninja

The concept of Galaxy Ninja™ was to create a motorized interactive adventure warrior course that anyone over 4' (1.2m) tall can participate so all the family can take part and have fun. All FEC's are family orientated; Galaxy Ninja™ is perfect for all the family......we even have an inflatable version for toddlers!

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All Galaxy Ninja™ Interactive Adventure Warrior Courses come complete with the following features:

• Electric interactive motion obstacles.
• Control system.
• The Adrenalator™ (the patented giant treadmill)
• Safety inflatable base cushion.
• Aluminum truss system.
• Suspended hanging obstacles.
• Foam/vinyl padded steel framed surround.
• Interactive electronic timer/scoreboard.
• Light and sound effects.

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Magic Experience
Commercial Indoor Playgrounds with Augmented Reality Animations

Excite your customers by offering them a chance to Xperience and share a Magic walk around your playground.

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  • SPIN! – Screen Play Interactive Network is an advanced technology platform for delivering location-based, large-format video experiences, content, games, events and activities to your facility, and even to your guests’ mobile devices.
  • SPIN! delivers a unique interactive experience that delivers engagement, surprise and delight to your guests of all ages!
  • SPIN! is a turn-key solution for location-based engagement, entertainment and mobile connectivity with your guests.
  • SPIN! delivers content that speaks directly to your guests through LIVE, 2-way interactive connections with fun games, videos, activities and events.
  • SPIN! can feature local content and information specific to your location, enabling day and date promotion, sponsor/advertising messages, and scheduled events.
  • SPIN! works with hi-speed internet and mobile technology, and also drives consumers to use their personal mobile devices.  When they do, your business will have the ability to maintain that connection with your customers through a branded APP that encourages repeat visits, promotions, and gives your business on-going customer communication and connection.
  • SPIN! content can feature and promote YOUR brand, YOUR messages and YOUR business!
  • SPIN! Stations can be designed and configured to your design, style and space requirements.
  • SPIN! is a robust and reliable system that is managed from SPIN! HQ.  All that is needed is a dedicated hi-speed internet connection, and reliable power supply.  We handle the rest!
  • SPIN! is proven!  SPIN! Stations are now being deployed in shopping malls and retailers across the country, delivering very high levels of engagement and guest satisfaction.

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Magic Xperience


You and your family are about to embark on a tour of a Magical World. Magic Xperience Magic Maze give you and your family the opportunity to encounter and interactive with Pirates, Princesses, life size Safari Animals including Rhinos, Tigers and more!

Excite your customers by offering them a chance to Xperience and share the Magic at home with a souvenir from your place!

We offer a large variety of interactive products:  Postcards to paper plates, chocolates, napkins, paper cups and more.