Perfect for a Fitness Center, Recreation Center or Special Events
Toddler Sport Arena International Play Company Indoor Playground EquipmentLet the toddler’s burn off energy. Only 15 minutes to set up and tear down. Your logo can be placed or find a sponsor. Made from durable vinyl and foam. Add to your soft indoor play business.
The “Toddler Sport Arena” has interchangeable floor pads, optional electronic targets, score board and crowd themed side panels. The boards and surface are broken into sections easily assembled and stored. Arenas available are Hockey, Soccer, Basketball and Football. We adhere to ASTM, CPRA, and IPEMA safety guidelines.
  • Socks only
  • Great Exercise
  • Builds dexterity
  • Learn the game


Can be purchased as "One Sport Unit" or you can purchase the "Four Sport Package".

  • Four Sports in ONE!
    Interchangeable Floor Pads
    Optional Electronic Targets & Scoreboard
    Optional Crowd Themed Side Panels
    Boards & Ice Surface are broken into (9) 4' x 8' sections
    Easily assembled and stored


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