Dream... Design... Deliver
The Softer Side of Play

Premium Soft Sculpted Foam Play

Tuff Stuff is individual play elements which are themed and durable.
Custom designed for your budget and size of play area.
These are colourful products which make them extremely durable
and resistant to weather, so we can offer both dry and wet play systems.

Easy to clean
Eye catching designs
Fun and Safe
Custom designed to meet any theme or budget
Stimulate children's imagination
Ages 6 months to 6 years
Add to your soft indoor play area

Perfect For:

Restaurants  ~  Retail Stores
Family Entertainment Centers
Shopping Centers  ~  Fitness Centers
Airports  ~  Theme Parks
Museums ~ Stadiums
Restaurants  ~  Children's Ministries
Children's Hospitals  ~  Zoos  ~  Cruise Ships
Aquariums  ~  Resorts
Water Parks

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With the addition of a soft foam sculpted play area
you can increase attraction, improve play value and
add activity to keep your customers coming back.


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